Image by Laurie Johnson

The following individuals compose the Steering Committee which directs the Midwest Migration Network.

Amber Roth, The Amber Roth LabUniversity of Maine

  • Coordinator of the Midwest Migration Network
  • Leadership Team

Stephanie Beilke, Audubon Great Lakes

  • Leadership Team

Sarah Kendrick, US Fish & Wildlife Service

  • Leadership Team
  • Initiative Leader, Telemetry

Jared Wolfe, Michigan Technological University

  • Leadership Team

Jeff Buler, Aeroecology Program at University of Delaware

Lewis Grove, American Bird Conservancy

  • Initiative Leader, Great Lakes Wind-Wildlife Coalition

Mark Shieldcastle, Black Swamp Bird Observatory 

Anna Buckardt Thomas, Iowa Department of Natural Resources

Andy Forbes, US Fish & Wildlife Service 

Alexis Grinde, Natural Resources Research Institute, University of Minnesota-Duluth

Ralph Grundel, US Geological Survey

Rich Keith, Kalamazoo Valley Bird Observatory

Stu Mackenzie, Bird Studies Canada

Bill Mueller,  WI Aerial Insectivore Working Group

Jennifer Phillips-Vanderberg, Western Great Lakes Bird & Bat Observatory