Steering Committee

Image by Laurie Johnson

The following individuals compose the Steering Committee which directs the Midwest Migration Network.

Amber Roth, The Amber Roth LabUniversity of Maine

  • Coordinator of the Midwest Migration Network
  • Leadership Team

Stephanie Beilke, Audubon Great Lakes

  • Leadership Team

Jennifer Phillips-Vanderberg, Western Great Lakes Bird & Bat Observatory

  • Leadership Team

Tom Will, US Fish & Wildlife Service 

  • Leadership Team

Jeff Buler, Aeroecology Program at University of Delaware

Mark Shieldcastle, Black Swamp Bird Observatory 

Sarah Kendrick, Missouri Department of Conservation

Joel Merriman, American Bird Conservancy

Anna Buckardt Thomas, Iowa Department of Natural Resources

Andy Forbes, US Fish & Wildlife Service 

Alexis Grinde, Natural Resources Research Institute, University of Minnesota-Duluth

Ralph Grundel, US Geological Survey

Rich Keith, Kalamazoo Valley Bird Observatory

Stu Mackenzie, Bird Studies Canada

Bill Mueller,  WI Aerial Insectivore Working Group

Jared Wolfe, Michigan Technological University