Bobolink, Adam Brandemihl, Audubon Photography Awards
Bobolink, Adam Brandemihl, Audubon Photography Awards

Calling all Minnesota-area bird banders: Audubon Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri is seeking banding partners in Minnesota to participate in a project that identifies migratory stopover sites for conservation action in the state. Funded by the MN Environmental and Natural Resource Trust Fund, and additional pending funds, this project will be completed through three activities:

  1. Using doppler weather radar analysis to assess the spatial and temporal use of stopover areas in MN (in partnership with Dr. Jeff Buler, University of Delaware Professor and MMN Initiative Lead, and pending additional funding) 
  2. Mapping the migratory patterns of two MN focal species through Motus NanoTags
  3. Development of a migratory decision support tool

Audubon Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri and partners are currently in the planning process for this project and their first step is to identify partners in the state that have one or both of the following: experience fitting birds with Motus NanoTags, or currently band one of the identified focal species: Henslow’s Sparrow, Chimney Swift, Bobolink, and Golden-winged Warbler. In order to better serve data needs, the team will be narrowing this list down to one or two species based on partner expertise.

The current plan for this project is to tag birds in time for the 2023 fall migration, however there is some flexibility to start next in 2024 as needed.

If you currently meet one of the above project needs, or can connect the project team with individuals who do, please contact Audubon Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri Conservation Science Manager, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..